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Click on the thumbnail below to view the desired sphere.

Row 1:

  • Sabrina Valles, “Round 5”
  • Conrad Ruiz, “Untitled (Poke’ Ball)”
  • Queena Hernandez, “Untitled”
  • Janis Chun, “Lotus Festival”
  • Michael Kirk, “Wrap Dance”

Row 2:

  • Mark Batongmalaque, “Art Cream Social”
  • Dion A. Cuevas, “Musical Realm of El Jaleo”
  • Jay Merryweather, “I-Fancy”
  • Heidi Rampley, “Free Directions”
  • Kristoferson SanPablo, “Untitled (songs of the unseen universe)”

Not Shown:

  • David G. Morgan, “The Black Bird”
  • Annabel Osberg, “A view inside the artist’s eye”